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NST offers a host of grest offerings for the Mazda roadster.
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Why are NST pulleys a popular choice for many of our customers?

Crank pulleys, attached to the outside of the crankshaft, are the source of power for a car's accessories. The alternator, power steering, water pump, and air conditioner are all belt driven units, attached to the crank pulley, that use horsepower from an engine to provide their own services. Underdrive pulley systems increase an engine's horsepower by reducing the power required to drive the external engine accessories. By replacing factory pulleys with carefully resized units, the accessories are slowed enough so that their performance does not suffer, but just enough so that more horsepower is sent to the wheels and put to the ground. Where horsepower should be!

Normally, underdrive pulleys like the units found at NonStopTuning will increase engine output by 8 to 15 horsepower, with even better power levels yielded from turbo models than seen in normally aspirated engines. This increase results in quarter-mile time improvements of .2 to .25 seconds, easily making this modification one of the best "bang for your buck" modifications for any sport compact car.

Another great benefit in replacing factory pulleys with underdrive units is reduced weight. Factory units, also referred to as OEM, are generally constructed from steel or cast iron. Pulley systems like those found at NonStopTuning are constructed of aircraft quality aluminum, making them extremely durable while at the same time much lighter than their steel counterparts. This increased weight reduction results in less rotating mass on the engine's crankshaft which drastically increases the engine's ability to rev up to speed faster. Better throttle response, better horsepower and torque delivery, and better fuel economy can all be had when using NST pulleys.

Why are NST pulleys an even better choice for our supercharged customers?

Although originally modernised for World War II aircraft, superchargers have become very popular in the performance automotive world, and can now be found as original equipment on many compact sports cars! Modifying a supercharged engine often results in big power increases making it great for racing, hauling, or just having fun around town.

Powered by external pulleys, attached to the outside of a supercharger's impeller and the engine's spinning crankshaft, superchargers are essentially large pumps that compress air and force it into the engine. Since the pulleys driving superchargers can be changed relatively easily, swapping stock pulleys to those of varying sizes can have a large effect on the amount of boost put out by the supercharger. Pulley kits like those found at NonStopTuning have become popular for supercharger owners looking to squeeze every last bit of power from their boosted engines.











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